Top Things to Do Around Our Apartments

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So, you’ve checked the box for awesome vacation in Tel Aviv and decided to go for one of AirTLV’s luxury apartments, in our non-biased opinion – great start! 😉

In addition to everything our apartments have to offer, you should know they were strategically picked for their awesome location, so that you could enjoy not just a great vacation rental but also the hottest hangout spots that surround it.

So what do we have for you?

With us, there’s no getting some remote apartment in a forgotten area in Tel Aviv. Nope.

Whatever rental you choose, it’s either on a central junction with easy access to all the places to be, or right where the action is, which means you’re literally steps away from all the best places.

When it comes to fun and attractions – you’re in Tel Aviv, how does having a cold beer in a neighborhood bar sound? a luxurious cocktail bar? Maybe a high-end chef restaurant is the thing for you, you know, the kind Tel Aviv is famous for? Whatever it is, whatever crazy idea you think of – Tel Aviv has it, and close by. Trust us.

So what charming places and attractions are near our rentals:

Arlozorov – one of Tel Aviv’s central and most important streets, at the heart of the city, attracting masses of fun goers hitting the town.

Arlozorev is a big street with plenty of restaurants, bars, chill places for yogurt, clubs and even fruit-shake stands for just standing around and having fun surrounded by that young Tel Aviv vibe.

Our Must Visit Places:

  1. Cafe Popular – great restaurant, a street-cross away from the apartment.
  2. Tzina – a 7-minute walk south of the apartment will get you to this authentic Tel Avivan bar.
  3. Benedict on 171 Ben Yehuda Street – 5-minute walk to get the most decadent breakfasts.
  4. Shila – gourmet restaurant on 182 Ben Yehuda Street, 4-minute walk.
  5. Tamara – 171 Dizengoff Street, 4-minute walk to get awesome smoothies and shakes, we recommend anything with Açaí.

Ben Ahituv – the absolute perfect location – Old picturesque Jaffa. Go hang at Jaffa’s (or, Yafo, up to you) gorgeous beaches or sit at an authentic oriental restaurant in the quieter part of town. And there’s always just strolling around the Old City, eating some delicious pastry at Abulafia bakery, and don’t get us started on the Knafeh and baklava!

Our Must Visit Places:

  1. The Old Man and the Sea – an incredible, authentic Arab restaurant on 79 Kedem Street. There are actually two restaurants with the same name and you can go the original one, it’s an additional 10-minute walk.
  2. Old Jaffa Port – 10-minute walk and you’ll get views, restaurants and a magical one-of-kind experience.
  3. For hummus lovers out there, Original Abu Hassan Hummus is a 5-minute walk, 1 Ha-Dolfin Street.
  4. Abraham Shechterman Garden, Old Jaffa – breathtaking views and antiquities, the perfect selfie spot, 10-minute walk.
  5. Jaffa Clock Tower Square – 13-minute walk, cool promenade and flee market with tons of pubs and restaurants. Our recommendations: Puaa, Margoza Bar, Onza, and lots more, just ask us!

If you’re going, we recommend walking – because you shouldn’t drink and drive😊

Berechya – if you are into authentic and busy urban vibes – you’re in the right place. You are a walking distance away from a rich, colorful market with loads of gorgeous neighborhood cafes and awesome restaurants, with good prices.

Our Must Visit Places:

  1. Hummus Haganah – 2 Yigal Alon Street. The best hummus in Tel Aviv. 3-minute walk from the apartment.
  2. HaSaluf‎ – 1-minute walk from the apartment, Fridays are the best. Experience Yemenite food, soups, hummus, lahoh bread, saluf and more.
  3. Boaz Brothers – 4-minute walk from the apartment. Yemenite soups and food, the place has been around for 50 years. 47 Etsel Street.
  4. Lake TLV (Menachem Begin Park) – 5-minute drive from the apartment. Awesome water park with a water ski experience like you’ve never had before. We recommend contacting them for opening house.
  5. The Block club – 10-minute walk, at the central station. Hardcore techno-trance club.

HaEkaliptus – channel your urban-selves, with graffiti all around and a super fresh vibe. Our apartments are walking distance from Hatikva market and a 5-6-minute walk from the central bus station. The perfect place to enjoy some peace and quiet and still be in the center of things.

Gat Rimon – you can’t visit Tel Aviv and not go to its most picturesque and magical spot, Nachalat Binyamin. A street full of art, style, fashion, cafes, bars and ice cream shops like nowhere else! Shout out Instagram lovers – it’s the best street for social media photos.

Our Must Visit Places:

  1. Vitrina – crazy burger joint, 3-minute walk, 40 Lilienblum Street.
  2. Rothschild Street – 4-minute walk from the apartment. Full of pubs, restaurants and fun places.
  3. Pizza Teder – super recommended! Young and fun bar restaurant. 4-minute walk from the apartment, 9 Derech Yaffo, Beit Romano.
  4. Okinawa – Japanese gourmet restaurant.  4-minute walk from the apartment. 46 Shabazi Street.
  5. Levinsky Market – 6-minute walk from the apartment, amazing culinary experience, full of spice shops, bars and restaurants. Best time to go is Friday morning/afternoon.

Sirkin – perfect city center location, 500 meters from the beach, walking distance from the well-known Ben Yehuda Street. Countless places to hang out nearby, cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, and honestly, not a boring moment.

Our Must Visit Places:

  1. Prozdor Burger – some claim it’s the best burger place in Tel Aviv. 4-minute walk, 6 Mendele Mocher Sfarim Street.
  2. Thai House – excellent Thai restaurant, 5-minute walk, 8 Bograshov Street.
  3. Mashya – gourmet restaurant. 4-minute walk, advance booking is a must. 5 Mendele Mocher Sfarim Street.
  4. Dizengoff Square – 7-minute walk to an area full of bars and restaurants, don’t miss it!

Ben Asher – a young awesome downtown location, walking distance from urban Florentine Street. There are lots of great bars around you and a vibe you’ll find nowhere else.

Our Must Visit Places:

  1. Cafe Shapira – 8-minute walk, 15 Ralbag Street.
  2. Mutfak – excellent Turkish cuisine! 110 Derech Shlomo Street.
  3. Merkaz Asia – authentic Bukharan food. 5-minute walk, 41 Mesilat Yesharim Street.
  4. Levinsky Market – wonderful culinary experience – lots of bars, unique restaurants, amazing spice shops, 13-minute walk.

So, as you’ve probably realized by now, AirTLV’s vacation rentals are a true attraction. With so much to do and see around you, and so close, you won’t have one boring moment.

Tel Aviv never sleeps, so, in between outings, we recommend taking it easy at your super pampering apartments. Great experience guaranteed and we can’t wait for you to visit so we can make sure you have a perfect stay!

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