Vacation Rentals in Tel Aviv – Everything You Need for the Perfect Vacation

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Tel Aviv is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and fun cities in the world. It is us Israelis’ pride and joy and there is always something to do! For just that reason, Tel Aviv is also one of the most popular tourist destinations.

But with all the fun and parties, people know a vacation in Tel Aviv doesn’t come cheap, especially during the hot seasons. A one-night stay in a hotel in Tel Aviv can cost you thousands of shekels, which isn’t in everyone’s budget, especially young vacationers wanting to party without saying goodbye to all their money.

But then when you get to the big city, you don’t feel like compromising on where to stay and all of those nice vacation treats that come with the finer type of vacationing, right?

Deep down you probably think you can’t eat your cake and keep it; you have to choose – either a mediocre compromise or a really pricey vacation.

AirTLV – stay in the heart of things, enjoy first-class and short-term vacation rentals in Tel Aviv at friendly prices

Who says a vacation in Tel Aviv must be super expensive or otherwise full of compromises (like staying in a low-quality apartment / motel) just for the opportunity to be in the big city?

This exact inner dialogue is how our service was born. We offer the chance to feel what urban Tel Aviv life looks like up close, to anyone looking for a vacation in the best areas of the city (for one-night or longer), with all the standards of a hotel and the benefits of a vacation rental.

When we developed our concept, we thought of all the things that make up what we love about Tel Aviv and combined them into the perfect experience – beaches, markets, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, colorful streets, music and more.

Each of our apartments is located in a different ‘typical’ area, with its own special features and charms to make your getaway retreat even better.

And the apartments themselves? Well, they’ve all been renovated and decorated by top interior designers with lots of treats to make your stay even better.

Our Apartments – Our Pride

After describing the magical atmosphere in the city, let us give you a little taste of the apartments – we put lots of time, love, energy and thought to each one.

Most of our apartments are located in the busiest parts of Tel Aviv (the good kind of busy). We believe the combination of quiet, pampering hotel-style accommodation and the lively location, creates the perfect balance for the vacation we all need.

And now, down to business – AirTLV-style vacation rentals in Tel Aviv:

Arlozorov Vacation Rentals

3 chic boutique apartments, fully equipped and designed to the max, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, on the corner of Dizengoff, known as the most popular and busy street in the city.

All apartments are bright, elegant and fully furnished in style.

Ben Ahituv – Jaffa

Jaffa is the old, artistic and chic side of Tel Aviv. It has its own charm and special vibe but to feel it, you have to be there.

All the apartments are a short walk away from the amazing city’s beach and the iconic Clock Tower Square.

Take your pick of a luxury apartment: garden apartment, balcony apartment or penthouse.


8 boutique apartments with a young energetic vibe. The apartments are located next to the beloved and colorful Hatikva Market, and a few minutes away from the train and Central Station.

All apartments are completely renovated and furnished; you’d be pleasantly surprised.

Want more amazing apartments? get information about them here >>>

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